Blind Pilot: A relaxed melancholy

blind-pilotYou guys are so used to seeing new content and such on the blog recently, but I want to get back to reviewing some music that I haven’t had the time to properly discuss. I’ll start with a post on Blind Pilot (yes, their website is in fact a blog!), a Portland, Oregon duo.

I was reminded of Blind Pilot’s affectionate sound while walking to work this morning, iPod in hand and watching passersby, pretending I was experiencing some cinematic moment with soft acoustic pop in my ears. Their music causes daydreams in which I feel relaxed and at peace. But don’t let such a description lead you to believe Blind Pilot is not complex – because such is certainly not the case. When I actually listen to the words, I feel a bit of melancholy (I swear I’m not contradicting myself – because I dream from their rolling rhythms, its typically hard for me to pay attention to the words). For example on “Poor Boy”, lead singer Israel Nebeker sings, “poor boy/life is in hard labor/ go buy flowers you’ll leave on its grave”.

Their 2008 album, 3 Rounds and a Sound, received some well-deserved accolade in the indie community, but kinda got lost in the fervor of other new bands, like Fleet Foxes and such. Enjoy the mp3s below, and be sure to pick up the album at the link above.

Blind Pilot – “Go On, Say It” (mp3)

Blind Pilot – “Poor Boy” (mp3)

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