In Case You Missed It: Week In Review


Spent your week taking bong hits with Michael Phelps?? No worries, we have everything you missed while you were apologizing to all your disappointed fans (ohhh so sad)!


New Mono video for “Follow The Map”

Dayliner release “The Promise Ring”

“Now That’s What I Call Music” TV show in the works

CALLmeKAT peers into your soul


Awesome 2009 Bonnaroo lineup announced

The Day The Music Died: Holly, Valens, Richardson

If you make a video of a kid on drugs, it will be popular

Soft Black releases The Earth is Black. Who said nightmares don’t inspire?

New Lonely Island track and video! “I’m On a Boat” ft. T-Pain


Bob claims Morrissey is his (and new video!)

Jamie didn’t forget about The Network you Green Day fools

Exciting upcoming shows at the 9:30 club


The Kills’ Black Balloon video and mp3s

Fleet Foxes’ Mykonos video: Jamie’s current nominee for best of ’09…

Would you rather a Calm Blue Sea or Explosions in the Sky?

Doves’s new album to be released in April!! Free mp3!


Austin Lace is one big (cool) fake head

A Jamie Declaration: Heartless Bastards in the running for album of the year

M.I.A and Radiohead to perform at Grammys…with a twist

New Peter Bjorn and John Video: “Nothing to Worry About”


Around the blogosphere: Fuel Friends shows off the wonderful Abbie Gardner/Anthony da Costa

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