The Calm Blue Sea: Trying to be Explosions In The Sky?


Now, I don’t think this is a bad thing for audiences, because they actually pull it off fairly well (SO, let me preface all this by saying I like The Calm Blue Sea’s music. A lot). But come on: the music sounds identical in that experimental way and even their name must be related. Let’s compare. What’s an adjective for something that would be opposite for the noun “explosions”? Calm comes to mind. What’s the opposite of the sky? Ummmmm, that’s a tough one. NOT. Sea. And finally Blue? …Okay fine so it’s an added adjective to represent the sea as blue instead of that other color it always appears. Wait, that’s blue. Silly if you ask me. Oh yeah and both groups are from Austin, Texas.  So I ask, without so much knowledge myself about the situation, what do you think/know about all this? Besides the fact that this sprawling epic of a song I present to you is amazing. I listen to it all the time.

The Calm Blue Sea – “This Will Never Happen”

Buy their incredible self-titled debut album here.

3 comments to The Calm Blue Sea: Trying to be Explosions In The Sky?

  • Love this song. Thank you. Yes they are similar but not the same by any means. Explosions has a larger sound to them.

  • Yep there are three words in our name.
    and we are mostly instrumental…..

    If it helps, we were gonna call it “so this is the calm blue sea”

    but after a nights sleep we decided that was too long and would require explaining upon sharing with anyone else.

    To everyone else in the band the name may mean something else, but to me personally… I tried to think of something vast… obviously the sky comes to mind first. That being said, the ocean is a vast place. It looks simple and beautiful on the surface, but there is a world that lives in it. It can be a violent fucked up place.

    In all honesty that’s the story.

    Yes we are from Austin. Yes we prefer making instrumental music. and if it helps. most of the guys in the band are huge explosions fans… They are fantastic human beings.


    Lee Reply:

    Thanks for clarifying some of that Jeff! And for the record, I do think you make great music (as noted in the post), I was just struck by the similarities with Explosions – as it seems you notice them too. But happy to hear we’re all fans