Notable CD Release: Doves – Kingdom Of Rust

doves-kingdom-of-rustAt this point you may forget who the Doves are, considering their last release, Some Cities, was all the way back in oh, February 2005. That’s 4 years ago, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t really know why it’s taken so long to produce a new album, but the Doves are back! Kingdom Of Rust is set to be released April 7, and the Doves are offering up a free download, “Jetstream”, on their website off the CD.  Well-known for their ability to mix britpop with experimental sounds and rolling landscapes, the Doves are off to a bit more of an electronica feel with this new album, if “Jetstream” is any indication. The group has been around for quite some time, so I don’t expect to be let down by this upcoming release, especially since it’s taken forever to make. Try not to base every opinion you have off their older releases, because as we know, every band grows within their sound and we should expect differences – or else (at least to me) there’s really no maturity or effort to explore the depths of what their talent has to offer.

Anyway, I urge you to go download “Jetstream” now at the Doves’s official website, and pre-order a copy of Kingdom Of Rust. As, a bonus, I’ll throw in my favorite track (“Caught By The River”) from The Last Broadcast, which you can buy here.

Doves – “Jetstream” (will send you to a free download at The Doves’ website)

Doves – “Caught By The River” (mp3 from The Last Broadcast)

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