New Album: Soft Black – The Earth is Black


The Earth is Black is the new record to be released this month from Brooklyn based Soft Black, headed by Vincent Cacchione. The album was apparently inspired by a series of nightmares Cacchione had. I don’t know about you, but I would not want to write music concerning nightmares I have (we don’t need to get into such detail though…). It takes a lot of guts to stand up to your greatest subconscious fears and bring them to life through music. And Cacchione has done just that.

The album is full of dark and brooding (duh) rock/pop with Cacchione’s ever-changing sound. He can make his voice deep and meandering on some songs (“did you put a spell on me”), while on others a raspy more effervescent tone (“the lions”) shines through (listen to these on Soft Black’s MySpace). I’ll be providing a couple mp3s below, but make sure you buy the album when it comes out. By the way, Soft Black’s next show is tomorrow, Feb. 4, at Cakeshop with Dave Dupris. So go out and support the music! Oh, and lest I forget, the record release show will be at a new warehouse space in Bushwick called Vanishing Point and will feature Soft Black, Werewolves, and a special guest DJ spot from Adam Green.

Soft Black – “The Earth Is Black” (mp3). A faster piece with catchy hooks and a refined arrangement.

Soft Black – “Night Terrors” (mp3). How can I not post this song from an album about night terrors? It’s also a beauty. Took a few listens for me to fully grasp the sound, but wait for the ending, and you’ll be completely satisfied.

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