Music you should hear: The O’Darling (clementine?)

We’ve really been getting lucky in the inbox lately (no, that was not a sexual reference), this time from The O’Darling, a female-fronted, six-piece Canadian (specifically, Toronto) troupe.

The O’Darling is comprised of Jennah Barry (vocals, piano, accordion and glock), Ida Mainstone (vocals, piano, glock), Chantel Emond (vocals – if […]

Chairlift to release new album, ‘Does You Inspire You’, April 21

Press Release from Big Hassle Media:

CHAIRLIFT TO RELEASE COLUMBIA RECORDS DEBUT DOES YOU INSPIRE YOU ON APRIL 21st 2008 proved to be a whirlwind of a year for Brooklyn’s dream-pop trio Chairlift, culminating with the band’s recent signing to Columbia Records. Chairlift plans to release their Columbia Records debut, Does You […]

Is it spring time yet?

It was so warm today in NYC I only had to wear ONE coat.

The Acorn – “Spring Thaw” [MP3] (buy Tin Fist)

The Polyphonic Spree – “Sonic Bloom” [MP3] (buy Wait EP)

Jed & Lucia – “Can’t Cage A Bird” [MP3] (buy Candles in […]

Artist to watch: One Day International

As I recently hinted in one of my SXSW posts, One Day International would soon be featured on Knox Road. I bet you didn’t expect this soon though! Well, I’m so enamored with them that I couldn’t wait any longer to write about the Irish quintet from Dublin, with whom I’ve recently been […]

No Doubt announces pavilion tour



No Doubt (aka, Gwen Stefani’s other project) is finally playing out again, this time playing  pavilions  and amphitheaters and such across North America. Excited? I’m not really either. Maybe I would have been like 10 years ago, but now I feel like there are about a million other bands I’d rather […]

Bishop Allen at the Black Cat

Bishop Allen is so cute and stereotypically indie. Which is probably why whoever picked the music for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist loved them to death. 

Well, now is your chance to soak up all that adorable. The band, who is releasing their new album Grrr… on March 10 will be […]

Pree’s (ex Le Loup) debut EP, ‘A Chopping Block’, out March 24

More exciting news from the inbox – a bunch of D.C. area, Knox Road favorites involved in this one.

Pree (MySpace cleverly titled musicforpree) is an indie folk-pop group having been compared to Modest Mouse and Regina Spektor because of an interesting blend of style – those of nasal vocals […]

MP3s of some SXSW artists, part four

The fourth (count ’em) installment of my SXSW artists feature. If you’re new to the game, I list some of the acts I’m excited about, with mp3s and a brief note about each. And on to the action! P-T time. Stay tuned for the grand finale later this week.

Mieka Pauley […]

Squirrelhouse (has a french horn!)

Five-piece Tuscaloosa band Squirrelhouse has a french horn. That’s right, a french horn. I haven’t actually seen one since they played behind me in fifth grade orchestra (I played clarinet and sucked at it). But Squirrelhouse actually has one and that is awesome. 

I should say, of course that it doesn’t […]

Soft Black playing record release show for new LP ‘The Earth Is Black’

Knox Road had previously posted about this tends-to-lean-more-towards-rock indie group, Soft Black, when we first received news about their upcoming album The Earth Is Black. You can see that post here. Meanwhile, we just received word that there is a change in location for their show on February 27 to promote The Earth […]