Bang! Bang! Eche!


From Christchurch, NZ (yeah, yeah I know) comes Bang! Bang! Eche!, a wonderfully energetic and tight band that will rock your ass like it’s never been rocked. They sort of come from the same vein as fellow NZ band Thought Creature, who I mentioned a few weeks ago

The group formed in May 2007 and released their self-titled EP a year later. What are they doing now, you ask? Well it looks like they’re tourin’, chillin’and making new music videos (see below). But you know what, they can do that because their EP is awesome. Where the band really succeeds is in creating a tightly wound disaster. There is so much chaos going on each song, but you can just tell they know where it’s going. Like those messy people that insist they “know where everything is.”

“4 To The Floor” is really a highlight, if you even want to pick out a highlight. Which I don’t. The combination of heavy bass, crashing steady drums, screaming guitars, tight synth and surprisingly normal vocals gives the band all the lovable energy of those crazy experimental electro punk bands without being too weird to listen to. 

Check out some mp3s, and the BRAND NEW! video for “4 To The Floor” below. They also offer the entire EP as a free download by clicking here

Bang! Bang! Eche! – “4 To The Floor” (MP3)

Bang! Bang! Eche! – “Nikee” (MP3)

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  • BK

    VERY nice. I completely agree with you, Jamie; their controlled chaos really works for them, especially since their so energetic about it.

    However, I’m a little puzzled over the comment regarding the “surprisingly normal vocals.” Could you elaborate?