No Second Troy


No Second Troy is a DC act (I know, I’m not in that area anymore, but I don’t forget my Knox Road roots) that has recently been picking up a ton of momentum, and for good reason. Their sprawling atmospheric rock is highly listenable for fans of many genres. Their mix of diverse sound (keys, thumping guitar/bass lines, synthesizers) adds to the impressive, raspy, wide-ranging voice of lead singer, Jeff Wharen. Wharen’s vocals have the ability to make the songs on their own, so it’s that much more impressive that Wharen has an excellent group of musicians – Tom McCarthy, Mike Smirnoff (any relation to the drink?), Mike Beach, and John Woolf – surrounding him. Their debut album, Narcotic, came out in 2007, so they should be preparing a new album for our enjoyment soon. Watch out for some new work, and check to see if they’re playing in your area; I know they’ve played several times at The Black Cat and the 930 Club, among other DC venues.

Here’s my favorite song of theirs, “The Gardens After Lockout”,  showcasing a nice blend of mellow, piano-tinged rock with a full chorus, and the beautiful, harmonically paced, “Into Your Sun”.

No Second Troy – “The Gardens After Lockout”

No Second Troy – “Into Your Sun”

Update: No Second Troy was kind of enough to give us an update after reading this post. Here’s what they said: “…we are working on songs for a new album and we’ve many. No more information than that right now, sorry. Have no idea about release dates, etc. But we will have 2 or 3 new songs ready for the Black Cat show, Feb 20 2009!”

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