Winston Audio – The Red Rhythm (debut LP)


Winston Audio, a band out of Atlanta, Georgia, is releasing their first LP, The Red Rhythm, February 10. They’re comprised of Daniel DeWitt, Dan Gleason, Zach Brown, and Michael Adkins. We recently received an email from them  – not knowing much about the band, except that they’re friends with Manchester Orchestra (also from Atlanta), a Knox Road favorite.  So I had a listen, and was pleasantly surprised by a) the coherence and production of the sound (tough for a first album) and b) my enjoyment of the music, despite being harder than my typical fare.

The Red Rhythm shows Winston Audio’s  ability to truly rock out, with a sound that, if I had to classify, places them somewhere between Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam. However, they also can tone it down when necessary, like on “All This Time”, which wavers in and out of a lower melodic tone  and their usual grungy style. I especially enjoy how on “Hey Ann”, the guys go from almost head-pounding verses to a catchy, slower chorus, which keeps the listener on their toes. My favorite song of theirs, “Nothing To Hide”,  truly breaks it down to the bare minimum (speaking in terms of their style of course), with a simple guitar line and layered harmonies (showing off their wonderful vocals), finally reaching an uplifting crescendo at the end. I hope that in the future Winston Audio features this type of sound a bit more prominently, because not only would it make them more accessible, but it would also demonstrate the true quality of the music.

Winston Audio’s got a nice thing going – I expect the blogosphere to soon be abuzz in their sound. Check out the songs I discussed in mp3 format below. If you enjoy, you won’t be disappointed with the rest of the album, so buy it when it comes out! Without further ado…

Winston Audio – Nothing to Hide

Winston Audio – Hey Ann

Winston Audio – All This Time

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