Lost Season 5 Music Video: The Fray – “You Found Me”

Not exactly a video I’d expect from Lost considering they’ve used popular music like once on the show (Damien Rice’s Cannonball in the first season), but nevertheless this should get you excited whether you’re watching the premiere RIGHT NOW or are going to watch soon.  I don’t feel like providing the mp3 because you can probably hear the song on the radio every 5 minutes or less.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • XxPaperPlanesxX

    OMG I love the Fray they are sooo cute! OMG!


  • Lee

    I particularly like the transition in sound when hurley sees the guy punch out the glass with the water in front of him – it is actually fairly cinematic. So props to you Fray, you created a nice point of emphasis for me.


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