In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


If you’ve been driving all week to get to the inauguration but shedding tears over missing out on Knox Road content, have no fear! Here’s what went down:


Collaborate with Santogold and you won’t be stupid

Microsoft + Advertising = Horror Show (Songsmith.)

Free mp3s every month from awesome band, Dayliner

Wintermitts are crafty and cute

Lee plays a game and gives us a (small) peek at his music


Plastic Reverie has plenty going for them

Bon Iver releases a quality Blood Bank mp3 that you can actually hear

Interview with up-and-comer Zach Lipkins!

Amie Street loves people and releases Coconut Records’ Davy a week early!

Alela Diane’s new “White As Diamonds” video full of mystical forests, just as Jamie predicted


Peter Bjorn & John give details on new crazy experimental album, Living Thing

Bob’s favorite band (…for the day), Mono, to release new album

Gross amount of YouTube in Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” video remix

Of Montreal’s video for “An Eluardian Instance” makes Jamie long for such a life

Kings of Leon playing Madison Square Garden in NYC (Lee’s new stomping grounds)


Fol Chen’s “No Wedding Cake” video is odd and creepy in the sea

For Obama, 930 club hosting Talib Kweli and others who cannot be named

Pawnshop Diamond with a glass of wine please

No debating the weather – a mix of cold, appropriately named songs


Matt & Kim’s new album, Grand, coming January 20

Under The Sherry Moon: tribal, wandering, and wonderful


Ivana XL is classic and modern, at the same time

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