Notable CD Release: Matt & Kim – Grand

matt-and-kimNot my typical style of music, Matt & Kim, the Brooklyn duo, somehow find a way to keep me listening. And that’s why I’m excited for the new album release, Grand, January 20, and for the upcoming record release show, January 22, at Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn.

They have pounding beats over danceable (if you’re into awkward, semi-robotic moves, like we are…), hard hitting pop. It’s sort of an acquired taste, and I’m usually not so good with that – which is why my enjoyment of Matt & Kim is surprising. Maybe it’s because all the “yea yeah’s” put a smile on my face. They combine some nice elements of pop here – the background electronic landscapes are admirable and the layered vocals are simply fun to listen to. All I ask is that you give them a chance, it’s not music you can listen to over and over, but it’s nice to add to the ol’ library to spice things up a bit.

Matt & Kim – “Yea Yeah”

Matt & Kim – “Daylight” (will send you to a free download)

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