Peter Bjorn and John release details on new album, “Living Thing”


PB&J just released the details for their new album, Living Thing, as well as the tracklist. Wichita has apparently given the record a listen, and says it’s a HUGE “fuck you” to their previous pop album (sorry guys, no more “Young Folks”). Apparently the band is actually crazy experimental, and has only pretended to be a light-hearted pop group.

By now, you may have heard “Nothing To Worry About,” and like many people you’ve probably scoffed at it. Well PB&J doesn’t seem to care. From Wichita:

“There was always going to be chatter as to how Peter Bjorn and John would follow up a pop phenomenon. Would they try to replicate their earlier success? Or go out of their way to release a wilfully difficult new album? In actual fact, what they have done is a bit of both – and neither – all at the same time.”

I’m excited (esp. to hear what “Blue Period Picasso” sounds like). The album comes out March 30 on Wichita, but feel free to check out the track listing and “Nothing To Worry About.” Don’t judge ’em cause they’re different!

Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing To Worry About” (MP3)

1. The Feeling
2. It Don’t Move Me
3. Just the Past
4. Nothing to Worry About
5. I’m Losing My Mind
6. Living Thing
7. I Want You!
8. Lay It Down
9. Stay This Way
10. Blue Period Picasso
11. 4 Out Of 5
12. Last Night

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