Kings of Leon playing at Madison Square Garden


Coming at you live from New York, the first concert post of my new “local” area! Kings of Leon, who made for themselves a memorable 2008, will be playing (with The Whigs) at Madison Square Garden on Jan 29th. I’ll take a guess and say this is probably the biggest venue they have ever played, but honestly I don’t know. Anyway, I really got into Only By The Night (as most critics did) after originally being iffy on it. But time changes things. And Kings of Leon put out an awesome album. Sadly, I’ve never seen them live, but I expect them to put on an incredibly exciting live concert from listening to their recorded work – seems like they would really rock out.  Get your tickets here, and listen to this fitting track below!

Kings Of Leon – “Manhattan”

Bonus: Kings Of Leon – “Notion”

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  • NotBob

    I believe they played MSG this past fall already, I distinctly remember seeings Kings of Leon scheduled for September something when i was at MSG for the Muse concert.