Plastic Reverie is all kinds of talented

plastic reverie

Up in Boston is a dark quartet, Plastic Reverie, who you know what, just makes good music. They play a genre I don’t typically go for, but what does it for me here is the quality and the musicianship. The lineup is pretty typical rock fare: drums, guitar, keys. A mandolin and synthesizer are thrown into the mix, but they don’t dominate the sound enough to really be heavily considered here. 

Their debut, Crooked Spine EP, is haunting. The rambling piano with the crying guitars puts it somewhere in the vein of The Dresden Dolls meets Stone Temple Pilots (if you like making those kinds of comparisons. I don’t). The way frontman Marc Pellegrino sings shows some sort of true emotion that allows you to kind of connect. The craftsmanship of the songs is nothing short of professional and shows true talent. Oh, did I mention the songs are good? The songs are good.

The Crooked Spine EP, is out on iTunes, so go buy it! Check out a couple samples below. 

Plastic Reverie – “Crooked Spine” (MP3)

Plastic Reverie – “Only For You” (MP3)

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