Dayliner: A band with a plan. Free mp3s every month!


Dayliner is a trio from Nova Scotia (specifically Bridgetown), Canada, who have literally just started making music – they have all of two songs recorded. But that won’t stop us from talking them up because those two songs show quite a beacon of hope for the crew.

Dayliner has no interest in selling their music. The plan is to release a free mp3 for download every month (!) on their website, without making a CD. They do all the recording and mixing themselves, and have at least 30 more songs to record, which means 30 more months (2 1/2 years if you can’t do the math) of great music for all of us! They’re totally interested in doing concerts and performing with artists they love – so that’s where they also hope to gain publicity. It could be a very long road to the top of the indie community, or you can help make it that much shorter – go to their website and download the free mp3s every month, you won’t be disappointed! We’ll give you the first two here at Knox Road for a sneak peek of what’s to come. These songs provide a catchy pop/rock sound  with excellent vocals and both are quite different – “What Are You Watching” is a lush arrangement, while “Chloe” basks in a more down-tempo sulky feel, but still contains the attitude you expect after listening to “What Are You Watching”.

Here you have it, Dayliner, ready to shock the world (or at least our friends up north in Canada)! Visit for these and future mp3s!

Dayliner – “What Are You Watching”

Dayliner – “Chloe’s Song”

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