Sometimes I get really bored, and I start to wander around myspace music accounts to see if anything strikes my fancy. I find this to be an effective way of hearing new music. After all, Myspace is home to thousands of bands. Why not?

In doing this today, I stumbled upon a band that I really like called Lemonade. They come from San Francisco, and they make dance music. Or at least that is what I think it is (although I could understand how some might be hard-pressed to dance to what they make). Lets do that silly thing where you take two artists and say “if they had a musical baby, it would be…” Ok, so, Take M.I.A. and mix her with Death From Above 1979. That’s remotely what Lemonade sounds like.

Lemonade released their self-titled album late last year. So obtain it. And if you want to get some free tracks from them,

go here.


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