Beastie Boys and Sheryl Crow in concert for Obama or U.S.A. or something??

inauguration show

So Rock The Vote is holding this “Hey, America Feels Kinda Cool Again” “Inaugural Gala” at the 9:30 Club on the 19th. Ooo it’s a GALA!! That means it’s sophisticated or fancy or something. Which is why they invited the perfect hodgepodge of acts like aging New York rappers Beastie Boys and aging acoustic songstress Sheryl Crow. Oh, and “friends.” Whoever that is. 

But but wait! Here’s the best part! These people are SO conscious of the country and politics they’re ONLY charging $75 for a ticket. A single ticket. Admit one. What? I’m sure anybody could afford that! Maybe they can’t eat for a few weeks but it’s SO worth it.

If you really want to go (maybe something to do before waiting all night for inauguration?) you can buy tickets here. They officially go on sale tomorrow. Oh I’m sure it’ll be a good show. Below is a real rad Beastie Boys song and some Sheryl Crow single I know nothing about. U.S.A.!!

Beastie Boys – “Sure Shot” (MP3)

Sheryl Crow – “Love is Free” (MP3)


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