Susie Suh: Singer/Songwriter Extraordinaire. (And other concert info.)

susie-suhSusie Suh‘s self-titled debut from Epic records last year showed her promise as a true acoustic, bare art musician. She lays her soul out in delicate fashion, with a sound that tugs at your heart strings and leaves you with a longing, self-deprecating (yes!) feeling but leaves you wanting more all the same. The songs are stripped down to the core, showcasing Suh’s extraordinary full ranging voice and propensity for using metaphors (i.e. “Your Battlefield”) to describe the human condition. For those who care, Suh’s new song “Give Me Heart” will be featured on the February 19 episode of One Tree Hill (I would say it ruins her “hip” cred, but I’m not gonna lie, they, like The OC once did, seem to find some of the best music…). Check out these mp3s:

Susie Suh – “Your Battlefield”

Susie Suh – “Light On My Shoulder”


Also, for those of you in the D.C. / Baltimore area, check out The Rosebuds at Ottobar in Baltimore Jan 14 and Greg Laswell playing with Jenny Owen Youngs (and Anya Marina) at DC9.

The Rosebuds – “Life Like” (from Life Like)

Greg Laswell – “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” (from Three Flights from Alto Nido)

Jenny Owen Youngs – “Voice on Tape” (from Batten The Hatches)

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