Of Montreal announces East coast tour dates!

After their amazing tour this fall, including a great show at the 9:30 Club in October, crazy out-their-minds Of Montreal is hitting the road again, and returning to the area with a show in Baltimore at Sonar on April 14. I know you want to go because why would you pass up […]

iTunes Mixery

It’s that time again! If you’ve been reading along, you know the rules. If not, here’s a little refresher: I press shuffle play on iTunes, and then tell you which 5 songs show up and provide a little tidbit and the mp3 (most of the time). Judging is allowed. Here’s hoping […]

Bang! Bang! Eche!

From Christchurch, NZ (yeah, yeah I know) comes Bang! Bang! Eche!, a wonderfully energetic and tight band that will rock your ass like it’s never been rocked. They sort of come from the same vein as fellow NZ band Thought Creature, who I mentioned a few weeks ago. 

The group formed […]

Amazing Coachella 2009 lineup released

The lineup for the always much anticipated Coachella arts and music festival held in balls nowhere, California this summer, was released today. The full list is at Coachella’s official website, but here are just some of the highlights (in alphabetical order ‘cuz that’s how I DO):

Beirut Crystal Castles […]

New York musician makes sound-a-day blog

Taylor Deupree, a “minimalist/experimental/ambient” musician (according to his MySpace), who took a polaroid every day of 2008, is now giving sound the same treatment. Deupree will carry a small recorder with him every day of 2009 and record a bit of his everyday life. He says the project allows him to see the beauty […]

No Second Troy

No Second Troy is a DC act (I know, I’m not in that area anymore, but I don’t forget my Knox Road roots) that has recently been picking up a ton of momentum, and for good reason. Their sprawling atmospheric rock is highly listenable for fans of many genres. Their mix […]

MoCap, LLC: “Who We Are” Short Episode

Here’s a peek at one of the shows in production by Worldwide Biggies, the organization I’m working at for the next few months. (Worldwide Biggies is a digital entertainment studio that produces films, television shows, video games, and webisodes.) The show started off as mini webisodes but was recently picked up by […]

New Arctic Monkeys: “Crying Lightning” Live Video

Arctic Monkeys are currently working on a new album that is apparently “78 percent” done. They performed “Crying Lightning,” a new track supposedly from the album at Sydney’s Big Day Out Fest recently. The quality of the video isn’t terrific, but it should hold you over until we get some sweet mp3s.

Seafoam and the Psychedelic Chain Gang’s performance at The Highline Ballroom

In an exciting bout of events, my roommate, Jeremy ‘Seafoam’ Green, performed this past Sunday night (Jan 25) at NYC’s prestigious Highline Ballroom (where Bell X1 will be touring soon to promote their new album Blue Lights On The Runway) with his band, Seafoam and the Psychedelic Chain Gang. And what […]

New Lykke Li Video: “Tonight”

So “Tonight” was just a bonus track from Lykke Li’s debut Youth Novels, but I guess it gets a video anyway (where’s the video for “Little Bit,” huh?). Stereogum premiered the video earlier today, and appropriately drew a connection to Sinead O’Connor (minus the whole picture of the pope thing). It’s pretty basic, and compared […]