Coldplay offers remix to stupid “Viva La Vida”

coldplayIn the spirit of the holidays or to thank fans in the spirit of the holidays or something, Coldplay is giving away a remix of “Viva La Vida” by Thin White Duke. Personally, I was tired of “Viva” pretty much from day one. This remix takes that tired modern rock formula and makes it sort of danceable (if you can dance at all, I can’t). So for all of you out there who have always wanted to dance to a sappy, boring song or for those of you who want a better alternative to that stupid original “Viva La Vida,” here’s the NEW version.

Coldplay – “Viva La Vida (Thin White Duke Remix)” (MP3)

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  • Lee

    So everyone knows, I’m actually very opposed to Jamie on this one. I think Viva La Vida is one the best songs Coldplay has ever done, with cascading strings and an epic arragement. Not to say the rest of their album was all that special, although this song (and some others) are strong.

  • Bob

    For the record I agree with Jamie and the reason that I posted this comment is because I think that all authors of Knox Road should take a side on this song.

    So there.