Andrew Bird – Noble Beast (releases January 20)

noble-beast1Sorry for the lack of posts in the past, oh, 48 hours, as we are in the process of compiling our own special year end lists (we know everyone does something, so we’re trying to make them unique). Continue to visit as they will be posted soon.

Anyway, back to the bizzzz, Andrew Bird‘s Noble Beast is set to be released January 20, which should excite many a hipster. I haven’t heard a good amount of songs on Noble Beast, so I can’t properly review the album. However, what I have heard is merely average, and definitely not as catchy as his previous work.

As so many artists are prone to doing, Bird seems to be working outside his shell on this album, with some songs spanning a variety of different structures. Now, this is usually a plus, because we can see the maturation of an artist, but I happened to love Bird’s previous work and hope that this album is just an anomaly in his collection and will lead him back to a more comfortable sound. A couple songs do stand out however (including “Fitz and the Dizzyspells” and “Effigy”, which has an intriguing old-timey feel to it), and it is Andrew Bird. So it still sounds good. Just not as good as I’m used to.  Sorry if I’m in the minority, and of course once I hear everything, my thoughts could drastically change, but probably not. Maybe it will grow on me…

Or not. (Although I’m sure he still makes for a great live show, with looping techniques and whatnot.)

Here’s the first track (which you can also listen to streaming on his website):

Andrew Bird – “Oh No”

And a couple favorites of mine from his previous album, Armchair Apocrypha:

Andrew Bird – “Heretics”

Andrew Bird – “Plasticities”

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