Black Before Red


From Austin, Texas (where else) comes Black Before Red, a band that in my opinion hasn’t received enough fanfare for a stellar debut effort, Belgrave to Kings Circle, back in 2007 (oh so long ago). I haven’t heard much recently from the sunshine pop stars but I figured I’d highlight some of their music in an effort to maybe get them back on the radar.

Black Before Red is Marc Ferrino, Kevin Schneider, Brent Baldwin, and Marc Dickey. Their brand of music kind of flies under the radar with soft undertones: piano, guitar, drums, fairly simple. But their harmonies and vocals are quite pleasant, almost reminscent of The Shins. Belgrave to Kings Circle isn’t exactly nightclub material, but it’s easy listening for relaxing days. Which is probably what many of you need right now.

Black Before Red – Matagorda

Black Before Red – Teenage America

download two other songs free here (at their website)!

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