Universal Mind Control?

I am very disappointed with the newest release from Common, “Universal Mind Control.” For a man that is known for having made what some consider to be the best hip-hop song of all time (I used to love H.E.R.), this is mediocre beyond all belief. Apparently, now hip-hop is Common’s “bitch.” Common used to love hip-hop, and treat her with respect. In the process, he made albums such as “Resurrection” and “Like Water For Chocolate.” Even “Be” had a lot of solid songs on it.  These albums showed flawless lyricism and some of my favorite uses of Common’s flow.

This is precisely why “Universal Mind Control” doesn’t belong in the picture. Common was in the mood to make an album for the clubs to spin. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong. That isn’t an excuse to lose out on thought-provoking lyrical content. And while i like them, you don’t always have to turn to the Neptunes to save your career.

I can understand how some might like this…it’s quick, you can dance to it, and after all, it’s Common.  But frankly, it just isn’t for me.

I miss you Common Sense.

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