WoodsI’ve always wanted to know what a traveling band going through a mountain pass making music would sound like. Oh, great! Here’s Woods! While they may not write their songs that way (booo) they certainly evoke a new kind of folk that’s oh so popular these days. The band has this eerie sound reminiscent of bands like 16 Horsepower, but they’re also sweet like Bears. So I’m just confused.

But they’re a great up and coming trio that likes to do things like release tour-only cassettes (how quaint) and make crudely hand-drawn posters (how even more quaint). They made an album earlier this year, Family Creeps, that you can buy from their MySpace. Woods just finished up a tour of the west coast, and the closest they’re coming is to “The Compound” in Philadelphia next month, which I can only assume is The Compound Warehaus (if anybody knows, tell me). Take a listen below.

Woods – “Twisted Tongue” (MP3)

Woods – “Gypsy Hand” (MP3)

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