Radical Face News: Patients Project

radical-faceRadical Face has come up with a fascinating project, titled “Patients”, in which Ben Cooper (Radical Face himself, and one half of Electric President) will release 10 random songs of his on an album and then trade the album to people for anything. And by anything, I mean anything at all. He’ll take a book, a photograph, hell, he even mentioned a strange looking leaf. As he says, “Part of the fun would be seeing what people would deem a worthy trade, or what they saw value in. But basically you’d just mail me something, and I’d use the envelope to send you back a CD (which I will either order a very small run of, or just make myself by hand). After the run is over, I’d use the Patients page to list what everyone sent.”

Anyway, the project is expected to launch in the middle of January, so stay tuned. Considering Cooper’s ability to make simple yet gorgeous guitar and piano-tinged music, we should all be looking for awesome things to send in to him. Leave any of your ideas in the comments for what you’d consider sending – be creative!. And keep checking his website for details and updates! You’ll be able to tell that Cooper is one of the nicest, most interesting guys you’ll come across. Listen to some of the songs from his Radical Face LP, Ghost:

Radical Face – “Welcome Home, Son” (alternate link)

Radical Face – “Wrapped in Piano Strings”
(alternate link)

And an Electric President bonus:

Electric President – “It’s Like a Heartbeat, Only It Isn’t” (alternate link) (from Sleep Well)

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