New Song From Coconut Records!


Our favorite actor/musician (and former Phantom Planet/one-time Kings of Convenience drummer) Jason Schwartzman‘s new Coconut Records album Davy is coming out January 13, and he has decided to pre-release one of the songs, “Microphone”. You can download it for free on Amie Street – for every download they donate 1 dollar to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Coconut Records’ debut album, Nighttiming, received high accolades in the indie community, and rightfully so. It’s a nice mix of swirling keys and jangly guitars with a groovy feel, creating an atmospheric listen. And Schwartzman’s nasal voice works well with the sound. Give these songs a listen, some of you will like them, some of you won’t, but just know: I try to please.

On Amie Street: Coconut Records – “Microphone” (will send you to a free download) (offer expired, mp3 now featured here)

Coconut Records – “Nighttiming”

Coconut Records – “West Coast”

(Thanks to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends for the heads up!)

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