Manchester Orchestra at Ottobar


Manchester Orchestra, a new favorite of mine, are playing tomorrow (Dec. 11) at Ottobar in Baltimore along with crooner Kevin Devine, and two other groups (Dead Confederate and All Get Out). Manchester Orchestra is an up and comer in the indie scene, playing intimately melodic lo-fi pop. They’re one of those bands that you listen to when you want to hole yourself up in bed on a cold or miserable day. For example, their most recent (and first) album is titled, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.

*Feel the onset of depression*

Not sure how well that will bode in concert, but it works in other dark places (like under the covers.)

Manchester Orchestra – “Sleeper 1972”

Manchester Orchestra – “Where Have You Been?”

Kevin Devine – “Just Stay” (from Put Your Ghost to Rest)

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