The Lonely Island’s “Incredibad” LP

The Lonely IslandOur favorite “dudes” of Channel 101 and now Saturday Night Live fame, The Lonely Island, are set to FINALLY release a CD, Incredibad. If you’ve followed these guys from back when they made a bunch of music, your iTunes will already contain a band called “Incredibad,” but it looks unlikely that some of yours and my old faves will make the new album (slated for a Feb. 10 release).

According to EW, the trio has recorded tracks with the likes of Jack Black and Norah Jones, and the album will include their newer material like “Dick in a Box,” “Lazy Sunday” and the latest hit, “Jizz in My Pants.” While those songs are all well and good, I would LOVE to hear updates on the old classics. Oh well, c’est la vie. Here’s some of their old MP3s as well as the video of “Jizz in My Pants” and their classic “Just 2 Guyz.”

Incredibad – “Stork Patrol” (MP3)

Incredibad – “KaBlamo” (MP3)

Incredibad – “Zanzabar” (MP3)


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


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