Miniature Tigers!

What? I am writing two posts with only a few hours between them?

For a good three or four weeks, I have been told to listen to band by the name of Miniature Tigers. Just this morning I was able to obtain all of their material I could get my hands on. The person who had been pressuring me to listen to this band was correct in assuming that I would like them. See, I love it when the sound is upbeat…then you take a look at the lyrics and realize that  it isn’t all gumdrops and rainbows and unicorns, etc.

Miniature Tigers posses the ability to mask the dark emotion they write about with sunny, poppy rock. Their newest release, which came out in august, is called “Tell It To The Volcano”. I love it. There is nothing complicated about this release. It sounds good, and Jamie would probably love it if he heard it. What else do you need?

YouTube Preview Image

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