Clue To Kalo – Lily Perdida


Clue To Kalo (from Australia) is coming out with a new album (January 20)! For those of us who enjoy The Postal Service (the new song I’m posting actually sounds more like Sufjan) style electronica with a mix of folk, this is incredibly exciting news. The new album is called Lily Perdida and Clue To Kalo is currently on an album launch tour, so check in your area (at the moment, for those of you who are Australian…) to see if they are performing anytime soon! Having only heard one song I obviously cannot properly review the album, but I expect it to be loads of fun.

This album is very different from other works as it tells a story through the view of a different involved member (such as the parents, the peers, the eavesdroppers) – quite a unique idea.  Clue To Kalo’s arrangements are stunning, and even though Lily Perdida‘s songs are all sung by different “people,” they don’t look to be changing this trend, as the second track off the album “User to a Carrier (By The Sister)” mixes and matches keyboard with boy-girl vocals (something we didn’t hear so much on their previous stuff).

Being the awesome blog that we are, we’re offering up the song for your pleasure – but please, it’s for promotional purposes only and buy the album when it comes out!

Clue To Kalo – “User to a Carrier (By The Sister)”

and a favorite of mine from One Way It’s Every Way:

Clue To Kalo – “The Just is Enough”

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