Kanye, you did it to me again.

So at first, I was planning on writing how much I did not like the newest Kanye West album “808s and Heartbreak”. I was going to even make some claims about how the auto-tune should not be allowed to exist. It was going to be such a well thought-out post. But then I heard the song “Coldest Winter” (MP3). It was sung to me by a friend waiting for the metro. Maybe it is because I was in the right kind of mood (very full and inebriated). Or maybe it was because Kanye West has this way of making me hate him and love him at the same time.

No one can deny the fact that the man has a bit of an ego to him. But at the same time, can you hear Mr. West and not remember his latest song? Fuck, I cannot stop singing “Love Lockdown” (MP3) in public. Trust me, people do not want to hear me sing “Love Lockdown” in public.

This post serves as a release for me. I don’t want to like Kanye West. I don’t even want to humor the idea that his new album might find its way on to my iPod. But since I wrote that sentence it has been 15 minutes. And it has found its way on to my iPod.

Oh well.

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