Alela Diane: “White As Diamonds”

Here’s a track from California musician Alela Diane’s upcoming release To Be Still. Her debut album, The Pirate’s Gospel, was released in 2006 and earned her fame everywhere but America (U.S.A., U.S.A.!!). If the new album, set to come out Feb. 17 on Rough Trade, sounds anything like the first single, “White As Diamonds,” it should turn some heads stateside as well.

You know that music you imagine playing as you slowly wander through a kind of creepy, yet kind of wonderful forest? Like full of eerie, yet friendly, forest creatures ala Pan’s Labyrinth? Yeah, that’s what it’s like. Check it out, but make sure not to talk to that dude with eyes in his palms..

Alela Diane – “White As Diamonds”

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