Recently introduced to me by a friend (thanks Daniela!), Telograph, a D.C. band, is an up-and-comer in the local and national arena. A rock/pop outfit, Telograph is Arash Ardalan (drums), Andy Boliek (vocals/guitar), Matt Dosberg (bass) and Matt Kenchington (guitar).  It is clear from their latest self-titled digital EP that Telograph is looking to create an atmospheric sound with soaring vocals, self-proclaimed “driving guitars”, and an overall upbeat demeanor. I’d be surprised if their radio-friendly music isn’t featured on television or a feature film sometime in the near future. If you want to sing along to your music, Telograph is the perfect choice for any time of year.

While they don’t particularly have a unique sound – I’d venture to say it is comparable to several other groups’ – Telograph’s songs are certainly well-crafted and produced, leaving anyone with some music sensibility eager to listen. I would definitely attend one of their shows if simply to get in a groove and be happy; I can picture myself dancing around with a big smile on my face. And when it comes down to it, that’s sometimes all we want from our music.

Telograph – “The Fever” (MP3) (link fixed)

(It’s not a big EP so I’m only posting one song – go buy their music!)

RECENT NEWS: Telograph decided to call it quits in October but earlier this month had a change of heart! They are back in action. From their MySpace blog: “Contrary to our announcement regarding Telograph’s indefinite hiatus, we have had some time to think and have realized that we don’t wanna quit. Us lads have put too much time and heart into this band to let it go by the wayside. So, expect to see us in DC and NYC in the coming months and all over this beautiful country in 2009.”

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