Phantom Planet is Finished


I was feeling so sentimental after the Coldplay news I thought I’d stick with the “dunzo” theme and make everyone aware of Phantom Planet’s impending break-up. We all knew things were changing when Jason Schwartzman left, but now it looks like they’re finally finished. Over and out.

Phantom Planet – “Anthem” (MP3)

Phantom Planet – “All Over Again” (MP3)

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  • John

    Such a shame, they had so many good tunes. I tended to either love or hate their albums on a whole… The Guest and Negatives 1/2 were albums where I loved nearly every song. I was totally bummed to hear this.


  • Lee

    Thanks for the comment John. And although I made fun of them in a later post a bit, I did like much of their music a while back, and some of their songs were true anthemic pop gems.

    – L


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