Hailing from Oxford, UK, Jonquil mixes experimental pop with folk to create a different sound on each song. “Lions”, one of the songs on their recently released (November 18) Whistle Low EP, sounds eerily similar to Shearwater (a band many of you might be more familiar with) yet “Whistle Low”, the title track off the EP, almost sounds like it comes from a different group.  Nevertheless, Jonquil maintains a very calming sound through their experimentation. It makes me want to yearn for something. Anything. Even if I have nothing to yearn for, I want to yearn when listening to Jonquil. Hear for yourself – it makes for one hell of a phenomenon.

Jonquil – “Lions” (MP3)

Jonquil – “Whistle Low” (MP3)

And as a Bonus:

Shearwater – “Seventy Four, Seventy Five” (MP3)

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