King Khan & BBQ Show at Sonar

King Khan & BBQ Show are quite possibly the most exciting duo to take any stage this year. They are made up of Canadians Blacksnake (King Khan) and Mark Sultan (BBQ), both former members of Spaceshits, and will be playing at Sonar in Baltimore this Wednesday. Their recordings sound like old 1950s garage band tapes, and their live shows are supposed to be raw and energetic (FYI, they usually wear wigs and/or crazy costumes). But most remarkably is BBQ’s ability to sing, play guitar and play drums all at the same time (he’s not your mother’s rock musician!). If I recommend one live act this year, it’s these guys.

King Khan & BBQ Show – “Fish FIght” (MP3)

King Khan & BBQ Show – “Love You So” (MP3)

And here’s their super awesome video for “Fish Fight.” I’d like to dedicate it to all of you who have ever wanted to play music in an elevator or spit milk at somebody.

YouTube Preview Image

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