Now It’s Overhead

A Saddle Creek (Tokyo Police Club, Bright Eyes, Cursive) force based in Athens Georgia, Now It’s Overhead mainly incorporates the talents of four individuals: Andy LeMaster (the songwriter), Azure Ray‘s Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, and drummer Clay Leverett. They all have their own side projects but they come together to perform a superstar tandem when working as Now It’s Overhead.

now-its-overheadLayering several instruments over each other, with strings and dissonance and complex melodies, Now It’s Overhead provides listeners with a unique brand of music – yet catchy as ever. After one listen, I find myself singing their songs out loud for the rest of the day – and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to be around for that!

The intriguing thing about Now It’s Overhead, however, is that even though they work on astounding hooks and choruses, they have the ability to evoke incredible emotions from the listener with each song. Some are upbeat, others are dreamy, others slightly depressing, yet the listener can feel each emotion within the span of listening to one album. I’ve felt an entire spectrum of moods while listening to Now It’s Overhead – and that’s incredibly difficult to accomplish for one band. But somehow, they make it work.

All of these songs come with my highest recommendation – they may not be your cup of tea at first, but give them a chance, I have a “feeling” they will grow on you.

Now It’s Overhead – Let Up (MP3)

Now It’s Overhead – Hold Your Spin (MP3)

Now It’s Overhead – The Decision Made Itself (MP3)

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