Minisnap: Old People Going Indie

Comprised of members from New Zealand four-piece The Bats, Minisnap is another of those hip, new side projects full of young, fresh-faced musicians. Wait, what’s that? The Bats formed in 1982? So that puts the members of Minisnap at roughly… mid to late-forties? Wow, a middle-aged people band that doesn’t play “Mustang Sally!” Age aside, Minisnap is very good. You can tell these guys have been playing together for a while, and their sound is a lot fresher than some of these stupid bands full of stupid 20 year olds. Their debut full length album, Bounce Around, came out earlier this month in the U.S. on Magic Marker Records. BTW, make sure to check out their blog posts on Myspace. It’s like your mom being “hip” using the internet!

Minisnap – “New Broom” (MP3) 

Minisnap – “Crooked Mile” (MP3)

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