iPhone Commercial: The Submarines

“You know when you don’t know what song is playing – and its driving you crazy?” Oh My.

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First of all, this is completely awesome, yet totally absurd. Does anyone have this feature? Does it work?

Secondly, I highly doubt anyone would hear The Submarines coming out of any speakers (besides maybe iPhone commercials) because they are not a radio band. Ironically, I bet you guys are alllll wondering, who are The Submarines – and how can I find that incredibly catchy tune? That’s why this commercial doesn’t really make any sense. But hey, Apple has good taste in music.

The Submarines 2008 album, Honeysuckle Weeks – featured on the commercial – is full of enduring charm, and as the name suggests, downright sugary. The Submarines have always been a favorite of mine, considering their previous album, Declare a New State! was full of hidden pop gems. While The Submarines seem to be well-known throughout the indie-community, I had never really heard much about them – I only discovered a few mp3’s of theirs on a couple of esoteric blogs. So the question still remains, who are these “Submarines”?  the-submarines1

The Submarines are made up of John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, the great-grandaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald, so like, they kind of have to make good music. They are based in LA (where else) but came together as solo artists in Boston. They have been featured on several television shows (Nip Tuck, Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy) but that didn’t seem to get them any more press. This iPhone commercial should get them plenty of buzz as it has people talking and the featured song, You, Me, & The Bourgeoisie (how cute), is a hit off the new album.

The Submarines – You, Me, & The Bourgeoisie (MP3)

The Submarines – Xavia (MP3)

From Declare a New State!

The Submarines – Peace & Hate (MP3)

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