Exit Clov

exit-clovYou wanna hear a local band getting buzz lately? Check out D.C.’s own blissful pop crew, Exit Clov, fronted by identical twins Emily and Susan Hsu. This is especially exciting for me because GUESS WHAT!? The lead guitarist, Aaron Leeder, went to the same summer camp (whattup Yavneh) as I did. Yeah, I know people, I’m cool. Exit Clov will be playing at the Black Cat (in D.C.) next month with Deleted Scenes (another up and comer) for a CD release party. I suggest you catch them now so you can be that person that says, in a crowd of indie-music lovers, “well I went to their CD release party back in the day when no one knew about them! Bam!” You’ll get major hipster points, a few weird looks, and probably some special favors. Just saying.

Exit Clov – MK Ultra (MP3)

Exit Clov – Diy (MP3)

Exit Clov – Working Class Hero (MP3)

Deleted Scenes – Fake IDs (MP3)

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